Sushi San is the first and therefore the oldiest sushi bar in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sushi San is located at 33 Musa Ćazim Ćatić street
For delivery call:
033 833 034 or 062 672 782



About us
How to eat sushi
Garden Roll
avocado, carrot, cucumber
9 KM (8 pcs)
Kappa Maki
8 KM (8 pcs)
Avocado Maki
8 KM (8 pcs)
Tofu Maki
tofu, avocado
10 KM (8 pcs)

If you wish to make a special gift for someone, give them a
"Sushi San gift card"
We offer
20, 30, 50
and 100 KM
Gift Cards


Miso soup 3 KM


Sushi San Pickles:

Package 250g

Ginger - 6 KM

Radish - 7 KM

Cucumber - 5 KM

White Radish - 4 KM

Carrot - 4 KM



Nijimasu Nigiri
rainbow trout on rice

6 KM (2 pcs)





California Roll
crabsticks, avocado
10 KM (8 pcs)
Rainbow Roll
california roll topped with
tuna, salmon and

14 KM (8 pcs)
Salmon Skin Roll
fried salmon skin, mango, spicy sauce
12 KM (6 pcs)
Unagi Maki
grilled eel in unagi sauce, cucumber
16 KM (8 pcs)
Sake Maki
salmon, avocado
12 KM (8 pcs)
Philadelphia Roll
salmon , philadelphia cream cheese
12 KM (8 pcs)
Tekka Maki
tuna, avocado or cucumber
13 KM (8 pcs)
Branzino Maki
sea bass, avocado
12 KM (8 pcs)
Spicy Shrimp Roll
shrimp, mango, spicy sauce

12 KM (8 pcs)
Spicy Tuna
tuna, spicy sauce, avocado
13 KM (8 pcs)
Spicy Salmon
salmon, avocado, spicy sauce
13 KM (8 pcs)
Spicy Branzino
sea bass, avocado, spicy sauce
13 KM (8 pcs)
Spicy Scallop
scallops, spicy sauce, cucumber15 KM (6 pcs)
Caterpillar Roll
any roll covered with avocado
15 KM (8 pcs)
Sashimi (5 pcs)
salmon 10 KM
tuna 12 KM
Sashimi Mix(9 pcs)
salmon, tuna, sea bass
15 KM
Sake Nigiri
salmon on rice

6 KM (2 pcs)
Maguro Nigiri
tuna on rice
6 KM (2 pcs)
Ebi Nigiri
cooked shrimp on rice
6 KM (2 pcs)
Branzino Nigiri
sea bass on a ball of rice
6 KM (2 pcs)
Scallop Nigiri
scallop on a ball of rice
10 KM (2 pcs)
Unagi Nigiri
grilled eel in unagi sauce
on a ball of rice
10 KM (2 pcs)
Tamago Nigiri
Japanese omelette on ball of rice
5 KM (2pcs)
Avokado Nigiri
avocado on rice
5 KM (2 pcs)
Spicy Shrimp Gunkan
shrimp, spicy sauce on rice
6 KM (2 pcs)
Ikura Gunkan
fish roe on rice
6 KM (2 pcs)
Spicy Tuna Gunkan
tuna, spicy sauce on rice
7 KM (2 pcs)
Spicy Salmon Gunkan
salmon, spicy sauce on rice
7 KM (2 pcs)
Sushi for kids!!!
We make sushi adjusted for kids!
Maki sushi is made thinner
and pieces are cut smaller
so that they fit kids bite!!

10 KM all kinds
  Combo mix
1 sake, 1 ebi and 1 maguro nigiri
2 pcs sake maki, 2 pcs tekka maki,
2 pcs garden maki, 2 pcs california maki
20 KM
Maki mix
4 pcs sake maki, 4 pcs tekka maki,
4 pcs garden maki, 4 pcs california maki
20 KM

We garanty the best quality sushi with carefully selected always fresh fish
If you don't like our sushi we will give you your money back!
There are 4 seats at the bar and 3 seats at the window at new Sushi San

No reservations! First-come first-served

We do free delivery
For delivery we take orders from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM

Our recomendation for dinner is to place an order by 5 PM

Minimum order for delivery is 20 KM!
We deliver in the area between Baščaršija and Čengić VIla

Working hours: Every day 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Sunday and Holidays closed